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pricing :

Do you struggle with your quotes, accounts and book-keeping?

Want or need to accept card payments?

The system links seamlessly to 'Stripe'.  A card payment system which makes it possible for you to accept card payments against your invoice, either by providing a payment link and/or window for you customer, or allowing you to enter card details into the system if you are taking them over the phone.


Stripe takes just a 1.4% + 20p fee, compared to the Paypal rate of 3.4% + 20p.


You will receive immediate notification by email when a customer pays by card, from both Stripe (which is available as a standalone service), and confirmation from the accounts system.  Stripe then have a rolling 7 day deposit system, so you receive payment into your account within 7 days.


The system which I chose to use for my accounts is free of charge for small businesses, with no monthly fees.  It was funded by a discreet advert strip, which has now been removed and it continues to be funded by the additional services that are offered from consutants etc on the site.  


The system offers many of the features of similar packages, such as QuickBooks and Xero, that will allow you to easily keep track of your financial position and paperwork.  (The payroll section only currently operates for US/Canada customers).


It does have Android and IOS apps available, or being a Windows Phone user myself, I log in through the browser if I need to use it on the go.


Below you will find more information on the system.  I can set this up for you, with building the invoice design for you, addition in your item lines, and accounting lines, and if you provide me with a list of your customers, I can add these too.  If you sell many one off items which you would put through as a cash sale, then you can set a customer up under a CASH SALE name, and detail them in the description box (eg:  Smith, AB12 3KL - Log Delivery)

Wouldnt life be easier if you could create a quote on a pre-prepared letterhead, by selecting dropdown boxes with pre-set costs?  Or you can simply overtype the text and cost to suit the job.  Its all added up for you, and printed out neatly with all your information, and any terms you wish to add in, and as long as you take the customers email address for correspondence, you can simply email it through the system, saving time and postage costs.  Obviously if you prefer to print and hand over or post, the you can do so.


What's more, if the customer gives the go ahead, once completed, simply hit a button to convert the quote to an invoice, and it is automotically added to your accounts system.


A simple credit control process is also linked to the invoice.  When it becomes overdue, a 'send reminder now' button appears.  Simply press it and email the reminder, or you can schedule reminders for a number of days prior to due date, on due date and for a peiod of days after due date.

Logging your receipts and bills

You can scan and upload your receipts to the system, where it will read them and input the details to the system, ready for you to check and confirm or amend the details, before posting them to your ledger, where they will then show in your profit and loss reports and the summary section on the home page.


You also have a section for your bills, which you will manually input some details from.  Your bills are the invoices you get from suppliers with whom you hold a credit account, and have a certain period of time to pay.

Connect your bank account

Connecting your bank account means that you can easily check, match and clear down your transactions.  You do not have to do this, you can confirm payments manually, however it is a feature which can make things easier for you to keep on top of your book-keeping, and allows you to see the full picture of your finances.