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Many tradesmen I have come across have used either a handwritten receipt book, a plain typed word document, or indeed have given me no paperwork at all.


I can create a more professional looking branding for your business documents, such as a more eye catching letterhead, compliment slip, business card, quotation and invoice templates etc, to improve the overall image of your business.  


An online system is also available to email out your quotes and invoices if required, which gives a much more positive impression to your potential and existing customers.

Have you considered having a website, but then thought that it would be far too expensive? Or just dont know where to start?  


I can start you off with a starter website from as little as £56. This is idea for local business/trades, or community groups.  


If you need something more powerful for a wider area reach, or nationwide custom, or suitable for heavier ecommerce purposes, then I can put you in touch with a local company who can happily give you a quote and work with you on creating something suitable for your particular needs.

Presenting a good professional company image gives your customers more confidence in you overall.  If you look presentable, and smart, then the impression is that your work will be the same.  If you turn up in filthy clothes and vehicle, then people will take that into account, and wonder if your workmanship and cleaning up will be shabby to suit your appearance.


This is especially important if you do tender work, or assist larger companies and represent them on site at any time.


If you do go to visit potential customers straight from a job, try and have a clean polo shirt or fleece int he van, and some babywipes or a clean hand town - give yourself a quick clean up.


I would always suggest that you consider getting embroidered workwear, something as simple as T-shirts and polo shirts, plus a fleece - it's also a good way of advertising.  If you need this sourcing and ordering, I can do that for you.  There are some good local suppliers that can provide you with workwear.





How you present yourself to the public is incredibly important, and you may not even realise what goes through our heads when we see you out and about, and look you up when considering using you - but you really should become aware!


How you appear, and how you act in public is the impression of you we are eaft with, and if this impression is poor, then our perception is that your work will be equally so.  This is why large companies have clauses written into their contracts and handbooks regarding conduct appearance, use of social media etc.


Below are some points to consider, and are things that I can help you with.

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