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As 'Your Office Angel' I can help you out in your hour of need - just for the hour! - or on a more regular basis.


Remember, with subcontracting your secretary, you have no obligation to commit to set hours, issue employment contracts or deal with any of the employment law red tape

  • Hourly rates will be invoiced to the nearest 15 minutes.  

  • A minimum £10 charge will apply for standard tasks, and a minimum 1 hour rate for Urgent tasks.

  • It may be possible to work on location at a client address, within a set distance.  This non VA work will attract mileage expenses of £0.45 per mile.

  • Any correspondence requiring mailing, will be re-charged at cost, as will any supplies purchased.

  • Photography and editing services will be charged at £32/hour, which includes editing for up to 10 images.


     NB: Rates are subject to change, and current rate will be confirmed at time of initial discussions, however this page would normally reflect the rate.

My rates are significantly lower than the £25-35 per hour widely advertised in the virtual assistant field, in order to attract a good and consistent client base within my local area.  They are calculated and reviewed based on all my current outgoings and needs, in order to keep them as affordable as possible.


As with all self-employed people, my rates have to cover my expenses and give me a wage.  You may initially think there aren't really any overheads for a 'secretary', therefore I have broken down a little to show you how the rates are arrived at.  My rates include but are not limited to the following:


  • Income tax, NI and pension etc which I pay through self-employment

  • Subscriptions to various websites required to allow me to provide my range of services

  • Subscriptions/payments for programs I use for various tasks

  • Advertising and printing costs

  • Stationary and office supplies

  • Broadband and mobile phone costs

  • Electricity and heating overheads

  • Professional indemnity and pubic liability insurance






Piecework Admin Rate        £18.00/hour

Full Day Rate (8Hrs)             £16.00/hour

Urgent* Admin Rate            £25.00/hour  

Standard Audio Rate               £21.00/hour

Urgent* Audio Rate                 £28.00/hour

* With a full diary, urgent turnaround rate is within 24-36hrs, and on Weekends and Bank Holidays

Fixed rates can be agreed for certain projects, subject to discussion and evaluation of the work involved.  


Retainer packages are available, which are on-going blocks of pre-purchased hours to use throughout the month (minimum 8 hours, to be used within the month).

Other costs and terms

Full Terms Of Business will be provided following our discussions of your requirements and whether I am able to carry out the work on your behalf.  These include my full T&C's, all relevant rates, discounts, expenses etc, payment terms, confidentiality and non-disclosure statement.  These will require signing for the record, however once submitted to you and you instruct me to commence work, these terms are deemed as accepted.

Terms of Business


I am fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability.


Insurer:   Markel International Insurance Company Limited

Period:    14/08/17 to 13/08/18

Limit:       £1,000,000 (for both PI and PL)